Process: Graphic Design & Visual Communication Capstone

Process: Graphic Design and Visual Communication Senior Capstone Exhibition
December 12, 2022 – January 30, 2023

Twenty-five design students explored concepts that capture their passions and interests to produce a comprehensive final outcome as well as a written text that demonstrates quality design writing and inquiry. This exhibition is the culmination of integrative research and long form design process.

Anne Alcin
Cass Bittner
Misha Broikou
Randi Carpenter
Aidan Cerjanec
Erin Chaput
Brenna Cook
Parker Derrick
Zach Fucci
Jenna Graham
Kai Hendrix
Claire Holloway
Veasey Jackson
Nicholas Kennedy
Dante Kremser
Mitchell Mcivor
Jay Morgan
Ana Petterssen 
Mikayla Piscatella
Noah Szczepanik
Morgan Thibodeau
Melina Troccolo
Evan Turner
Ray Wilson
Eli Zhou