Capstone Projects

The college capstone is an opportunity for students to pursue a self-directed experience in their professional program that intentionally integrates their liberal arts learning in the Core Curriculum with their specific program learning.

The Final Capstone Project is the culmination of hard earned dedication to practice. The work exhibited meets the critera of technical proficiency, conceptual intelligence, and unique design. It also sets a standard for the department in which it was developed and invites viewers to engage with curiosity about your program and time spent at Champlain College.

The Champlain College Art Gallery is dedicated to supporting the vision and exhibition design of Senior Capstone Students. We are not just a white cube, but a playground for initiative and collaboration. Students who are preparing to exhibit with their Captstone Cohort are encouraged to work closely with the Gallery Director and Staff.

All Capstone Projects must be delivered to the gallery during the allotted timelines for your cohort and all projects must be install ready upon delivery (unless preapproved by Faculty and Director.)

Each student must also fill out the online Capstone Project Submission Form two weeks before your final Installation date. This helps the Gallery populate the correct information about you in our online viewing room and to help us print out labels for your work.

Capstone Receptions will be scheduled on either a Monday or Friday to encourage time for family and friends to join us as we celebrate!

If you have any questions about the Capstone Projects in the Gallery, please email either your faculty point person or gallery@champlainedu.