FluxFest for Students and Faculty

Champlain College Art Gallery Presents: FluxFest
October 9- 29, 2023 with artist in residence: John Killacky

Synopsis of Exhibit:
A two week interactive Fluxus inspired event with participating faculty, students, and guest artists. Includes an artist talk with artist in residence John Killacky, Fluxus art collector Mark Waskow, and original Fluxus member Nye Ffarrabas on Wednesday, October 11; as well as scheduled (tbd) performances in the gallery. An official reception will take place on Friday, October 20,2023, 4pm-7pm. 

Artist in Residence:,
John Killacky is our Artist in Residence leading this two week long interactive experience. He is the former director of The Flynn Center in Burlington. Formerly he was curator of performing arts at the Walker Art Center and programmed a festival of performance works related to the1993 exhibition, In The Spirit Of Fluxus. Killacky taught Grant Writing at Champlain in 2019 and 2020. Champlain College Art Gallery mounted his retrospective exhibition, Embodied Voice:Video Narratives in 2018. Killacky recently created a video project, entitled Flux (2022), that has been shown in Burlington, Brattleboro, Israel, and Bulgaria and will be broadcast on Vermont Public this Fall.

What is Fluxus?
Fluxus was an art movement in the 1960’s-70’s that emphasized process over product. It engaged mediums such as film, sound, performance, photography, design, and conceptual art. It emphasized the making of work and considered the liminal interactive space between artist and audience as the art and primary focus. At the time this was a radical way of thinking about art and creativity. It also relied on the fluidity of interdisciplinary crossover of media encouraging collaboration and pushing the interpretation of what is and can be and how it can also be an act of resistance to the status quo.  

Why are we doing this?
The Champlain College Art Gallery and John Killacky are collaborating with students and faculty and guest artists to demonstrate how the process of arriving at a final destination in any art medium is just as important, if not more so than the finished project. Our goal is to highlight how to let go of outcome and to be present with curiosity and chance happenings that influence the process of creative practice. 

How you can help us make this event meaningful and successful?

Participate, show up, make something to show in the gallery (ahem… you can put it on your resume too!), have a conversation with John while he’s here or in the gallery, come to the artist talk, join us the second week of the residency for performances, come to the reception. Be curious, ask questions, and embrace the awkwardness of the experience. Embrace the unfolding of the process.  Bring your own process and share it with us in the gallery in whatever form/shape/sound/experience it takes, surprise us. 

What kind of things are we looking for?

Throughout the residency, faculty and students are invited to create their own “artworks” inspired by their interpretation of a Fluxus happening or directive or object or sound or poster, or film or dance, or etc etc. The goal is to fill the gallery with your process and ideas and documented performances to not only exhibit at the end of the two weeks during a final performance and reception, but to also share this work with parents and alumni during Champlain Weekend. Wylie will be compiling a reel for short films/movies/digital media.

When to bring items or performances to the gallery for exhibition:
Monday, October 16 for items, performances are being scheduled throughout the duration of the second week, hoping for 4pm performances, but are open to other times too if it conflicts with your schedule. Please note films should be under 3 min.

Important Dates to Remember:

Artist Discussion/Talk with Fluxus artist Nye Ffarrabas, gallerist Adam Silver, and collector Mark Waskow on Wed Oct 11 at 4 pm.  Please join us.  Nye at 91 is indeed incredible.

Load in with objects is Monday Oct 16 9-12, also date to send video clips to Wylie, she will compile a reel: email or google share: wgarcia@champlain.edu, use FLUX FEST ENTRY in subject line.

October 16-20, 4pm performances are invited (let Wylie know if you want to do something), see website and IG for announcements. 

Reception/Opening of FluxFest is Friday Oct 20, 4-7pm. Please join us.Performative Events are invited and happening that day. 

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