January 2024

Join us in the New Year as we celebrate GAINING GROUND, an installation by Communications and Creative Media Faculty, Rebecca Schwarz. Exhibition is from January 17-31, 2024.

Reception from 5-7pm on Thursday, January 18, 2024

Sort and Sendoff/ Artist Talk Event from 4pm -5:30 pm on January 31,2024

GAINING GROUND invites viewers to rest amidst a glowing intricately assembled plastic mass of plankton and seafoam acting as visual data metaphors confronting various elements of climate trouble and challenges to environmental sustainability.  Viewers are invited to interact with the exhibit by sitting or lounging in the installation to contemplate the range of local to global impact of plastic usage, consumption, and mediation. Visitors are also asked to channel their response to the exhibit into direct action by filling out a postcards that will collectively grow across the gallery walls with inspiring messages addressed to representatives and legislators to inspire and model action for futures to come.

Rebecca Schwarz is a community engaged artist with goals of increasing health on many scales including personal, community, and environmental health. Patterns in nature inspire her work in a range of modes: sculptural, collaborative, and in communications. Rebecca teaches in Communications and Creative Media at Champlain College, and works to connect volunteers, patients, families and caregivers with the arts in the hospital coordinating Art from the Heart a program of Burlington City Arts and UVM Medical Center and Children’s Hospital.

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