March 2024

Join us for an Artist Talk with our Artist in Circulation: Raph Bryce. 

Raph will be speaking about The Art of Midwifing, which is another way to say the supportive process of bringing art into being. 

Talk is Friday, March 22, 3pm-4pm in the Main Gallery, CCM 2nd Floor.

About the Artist:

raphaella “raph” brice

pronouns: she/they

RAPH DRAWS is a self-taught, queer, Haitian-American digital illustrator and muralist. source created them with a dash of glitter, salt, jiwof (“cloves” in creole), sky miles, joy, sassy twitter fingers, disco fever, and a heaping amount of passionate, creative-cosmic energy. they identify as a “creative midwife” — they bring their digital pieces to the physical using prototyping tools, such as laser and vinyl cutter machine.

They describe her style as “cultural-psychedelic” — where culture meets the surrealism of her inner and outer expression of the world. drawing knowledge from their Haitian-catholic background, their art celebrates the human consciousness shift that is currently happening in the world today. in a time where the pandemic revealed faults in the system, the art they create draws from cultural, spiritual, & mystical references while using exuberant color palettes to create timeless visual stories.

the goal of our pieces is to liberate the collective black experience & honor oneness — a dream we collectively aspire towards yet are distracted by the polarities of human life.

Past Events in March

Creative Media Artist in Circulation, Lydia Kern, hosts a casual hangout. Bring art supplies, a craft project or homework. Get to know your creative community while working on your own art. The gallery will provide tables and snacks. This is an opportunity to join creative peers and work on personal projects in a supportive creative safe space.  If you are interested in a studio visit with Lydia or curious about next steps as an artist this would be a great opportunity to connect with her. All are welcome.  Free and Open to the Public