Past Exhibitions of 2016

December 09 - 14

Champlain College Art Gallery

MFA in Emergent Media candidates explore the potential of emerging communication technologies for engagement and meaningful social change.

December 14 - January 01

Champlain College Art Gallery

Senior Graphic Design students exhibit a diverse group of projects representing the culmination of their concentration.

November 19 - 29

Champlain College Art Gallery

Celebrating end of the St John’s Bible one year residency at Champlain with a beautiful collection of student hand-made books.

October 22 - February 15

300 Freeman Hall

Evocative abstract photographic images using analog film negatives, prisms, lenses, mirrors and digital scanners by Champlain photography instructor.

November 10 - December 10

Champlain College Art Gallery

Champlain game design professor’s ceramic wall sculptures; clustered abstract organic nodules brought to life by digital projection mapping.