Past Exhibitions of 2016

November 10 - December 10

Champlain College Art Gallery

Champlain game design professor’s ceramic wall sculptures; clustered abstract organic nodules brought to life by digital projection mapping.

Exhibition October 22 - November 10

Art Gallery Lounge

Workshop participants confront sexual and domestic violence by transformation of clothing into hand-made paper. Co-Sponsored by Women & Gender Center.

October 5 - November 5

Champlain College Art Gallery

Paintings and 3D printed sculptures and hands-on workshops inspired by the elaborate, geometric designs of the ancient Indian art of Rangoli.

November 04 - Doors at 7:30, Show at 8pm

Sound Stage - First Floor CCM Building

World premier tour of stop-motion animated queer punk coming-of-age tale. North America tour with a live score by a 3-piece band.

September 22 - October 12

Art Gallery Lounge

Featuring the work of indie video game studio Sundae Month, founded by recent Champlain grads including Diary of a Space Port Janitor.

September 30 - 7pm

Art Gallery Lounge

A dynamic night of live trans-disciplinary performances by Vermont artists Sean Clute, Pauline Jennings and Seth Jarvis.

September 8 - October 1 / Reception September 15 - 5pm

Champlain College Art Gallery

Annual survey of new, original, and innovative works from our art, design and core faculty members.

June 01 - September 03

Artist Talk September 02 - 2pm

Hyper-real and psychological intense black and white moving-image portraits using a ultra hi-resolution digital cinema camera.

September 15 - December 10

Rozendaal Courtyard

A spectacular life-sized steel sculpture of a female Asian elephant inspired by the tragedy of the global ivory trade.

Live Performance: April 8, 2016

Champlain College Art Gallery

Rhythmically complex and supple electronica influenced by dub, minimal house, noise avant-jazz and West African percussion.

March 31-April 16, 2016

Champlain College Art Gallery

First annual campus-wide juried student art exhibition.

December 12 - January 21

Champlain College Art Gallery

Senior Graphic Design students exhibit a diverse group of projects representing the culmination of their concentration.

JUNE 3-8, 2015

CCM Building

Detroit-based Brazilian artist explores trans-cultural experience using mass media images, illustrations, and multilingual texts.

Live Performance: March 4, 8pm

Champlain College Art Gallery

Electro-acoustic sound compositions combining field recordings and chamber instruments with electronic textures.

March 3 - 26, 2016

Champlain College Art Gallery

Champlain professor’s alchemist-like pursuit of transcendence in visual perception through contemporary landscape painting.

February 11-27,2016

Champlain College Art Gallery

A series of obsessively intricate wood scroll carvings by Jeremy MacKenzie (’17).

Live Performance: February 8, 2016

Champlain College Art Gallery

Montreal based audio and video duo fuses shimmering sci-fi synthesizers with mesmerizing abstract electronic landscapes.

January 21 - February 6, 2016

Champlain College Art Gallery Lounge

Outrageous art-videogames by artist-activist Paolo Pedercini confronting gun control, religious hypocrisy, and corporate greed.

Janurary 21 - February 6, 2016

Champlain College Art Gallery

An immersive exhibition featuring photography and orchestral symphony created on a sailing expedition in the high arctic.

Live Performance: January 29,2016

Champlain College Art Gallery

A showcase of local indie musicians featuring Champlain College campus favorites LizRd Women.