Champlain College’s fifth annual juried student art show features student artists selected by a jury of faculty, alumni, and industry professionals.

The exhibition showcases talent in a variety of mediums, including video, audio, 3D-model, sculpture, graphic design, photography, digital & manual painting, drawing, and illustration.

Interim President Laurie Quinn’s Choice: Catfight by Adelina Laprey

Provost Catherine Morgan’s Choice: Post-Apocalyptic City by Leanna Russell

Dean Paula Willoquet-Maricondi‘s Choice: My Body is a Mountain by Zoe Nicholson

3D Model/Sculpture: Mushroom Land by Michelle Lee

Audio: Good Morning by Jameson Hunt

Graphic Design: The Dream Fairy by Diana Ogoti

Illustration/Painting: Warrior by Lee Siassi

Photography: Him by Brenna Anderson

Video: Infected X2 by Jenny Caplan